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Detpak South Africa celebrates 10 year anniversary of being FSC® certified

Detpak South Africa is proud to celebrate its 10th year of Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Chain of Custody Certification in February 2022.  (FSC-C109574)

Detpak designs, manufacture and supplies the foodservice, retail & industrial markets with world-class paper packaging products from its South African based factory, supported through the shareholding of Detmold, a global packaging supplier, who have been making brands shine since 1948.

Detpak paper bags on table, FSC certified

“As a responsible supplier of packaging products, Detpak South Africa is proud of our long-standing relationship with FSC and the role we play in the preservation of forests and the forestry industry through the FSC certification program”, says  Carla Breytenbach, Detpak South Africa Marketing Manager.  “By displaying the FSC logo on our certified packaging, us and our customers, can rest assured that our paper is sustainably sourced taking into account the environmental, social and economic impacts on our forests.  And therefore we urge our customers to ask for FSC certified product”, she continues.  

At the beginning of our journey, FSC was only a requirement of the large global customers, but this has changed with many local large, medium and small customers also asking sustainability questions, or even asking for FSC certification by name. This is supported by the research that FSC completed globally which has  shown that  consumers in South African and many other countries, are asking for more sustainable products that do not harm our forests, or natural environment. (

“We appreciate Detpak’s commitment to using paper and board from sustainable managed forests, and the role they play informing their many clients of the importance of sustainable consumption and production in support of United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 12. We thank Detpak for their continued  support of FSC and wish them another 10 years of successful certification as they continue in their sustainability journey”. Gerard Busse, FSC Southern Africa Marketing and Communications Manager.  

“Within our business, aligning with FSC has given us the peace of mind that we are ‘Responsible by Design’ and has ensured that our internal systems and audits are up to par with global certification standards”, maintains Breytenbach. “It is really encouraging to see that the  FSC logo is now generally recognized – by  the general public and not just people in paper or packaging”.


About FSC

FSC is a non-profit membership organization that provides a certification tool to enable sustainable management of forests. Currently, over 231 million  hectares of forests worldwide are certified to FSC standards (January 2022). It is widely regarded as the most rigorous forest certification system among NGOs, consumers, and businesses alike to maintain healthy and resilient forests. FSC’s responsible forestry standard is a proven solution to tackle today’s deforestation, climate, and biodiversity challenges. The standard is based on ten core principles and is linked to strict chain of custody and forest management certifications.

Found on millions of forest-based products around the world, FSC’s “check tree” label verifies sustainable sourcing from forest to consumer. Choosing FSC helps to preserve forests, wildlife and clean water and supports the Indigenous Peoples, forest workers and communities who depend on them. and

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