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While paper cups are made mostly from paper fibre, the inside of a cup is lined with a thin layer of polyethylene (PE) to ensure that the porous paper becomes liquid proof. This lining is necessary for the cup to function however previous standard recycling facilities were not able to remove this layer and generally the cup was directed to landfill.

Sustainable Packaging Companies

As a cup manufacturer, Detpak has realised the impact of their products on the environment along with the value of fibre that is going to waste on a daily basis. With Mpact, the leading paper recycler in SA as their majority shareholder, Detpak realised that they are in a unique position to revolutionise the way in which used cups are handled in Africa. In July 2017 Mpact invested in a Liquid Packaging plant in Ekurhuleni, Gauteng which makes use of a special hydropulping process where the paper becomes saturated into a pulp and separates from the plastic layer. In this way the strong cellulose fibers from which the cup is made can be recycled up to 7 times to be re-purposed into paper, cardboard or moulded products such as drink trays.

The discreet logos printed on the base of cups are a sign of Detpak’s quality commitment and investment in recycling in South Africa.

Paper Cups Supplier
Paper Cups Supplier
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To ensure that this waste is routed to the Liquid Packaging plant, keep a separate bin for your cups and other papers and drop these at one of the many Mpact paper banks. Find your closest bank at

Cups can be combined with Ronnie Recycler bags.

Contact Mpact Toll-free on 0800 022 112 for more information. Alternatively, make sure that your waste management company is taking part in this initiative by directly asking how liquid packaging waste is routed.

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Mpact is one of the leading paper and plastics packaging manufacturing businesses in southern Africa as well as the leading recycler of recovered paper and plastic.


Detmold Group is a leading manufacturer of paper and board based packaging products for a diverse range of customers.

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