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Detpak paper bags are an environmentally-friendly alternative to single-use, light-weight plastic bags. Made from 100% recyclable, locally-sourced paper, they are renewable, home recyclable and home compostable. But not all papers are created equal when you consider their environmental credentials – Detpak uses papers sourced from Mpact’s recycled fiber plants.

Paper Bags Suppliers

With up to 100% recycled content, your paper bags form part of a circular economy that provide jobs and reduce landfill. Going with recyclable paper signals your commitment to forming a healthy, balanced relationship with our environment and with your customers - all without compromising on function or quality.

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Recycling or composting

Whilst there are some established industrial composters in the South African community these are mainly used for food waste and composting is not established as a viable commercial solution for packaging in South Africa nor has it been adopted on a global scale.

At Detpak we believe that only through recycling are products, components and materials kept in the value chain which is fundamental to supporting the global move to a circular economy. We strongly believe in a need to champion recycling over composting, then a compromise of allowing both recyclable and compostable solutions is a common concession, that still moves the economy somewhat forward toward its goal of becoming circular.

We are proud to provide recyclable packaging options and pleased to be assisting our customers in moving toward their sustainability goals alongside a wider goal of having our products fit within a circular economy.

For more information on packaging and their recycling options, please feel free to contact your Detpak Sales representative.

Sustainable Packaging

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Mpact is one of the leading paper and plastics packaging manufacturing businesses in southern Africa as well as the leading recycler of recovered paper and plastic.


Detmold Group is a leading manufacturer of paper and board based packaging products for a diverse range of customers.

A note on delivery costs

We offer free delivery anywhere in South Africa for orders of R1,495.00 and above.

A flat rate of R150.00 is applicable to orders below R1,495.00.

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